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CARDAX forms partnership with VyFinance


We are delighted to announce our partnership with VyFinance, an AMM on Cardano with an auto-harvester. 

This partnership will have Cardax host VyFi/ADA, VyFi/CDX pool on our platform, and VyFi in return to host a CDX/ADA farm on VyFinance. This partnership will enhance each other communities’ ability to utilize their tokens and bring together the Cardano eco-system into a wider community. We will work together to also implement Staking Pools, which will allow users to stake either their Vyfi or CDX in return for the other project’s token. 

We are excited about the upcoming defi space on the Cardano blockchain. Partnerships such as ours will grow the Cardano eco-system into a more integrated, user-friendly environment! 

We are continuously seeking great potential projects to collaborate with. The Cardax ecosystem is in the making to bring significant value to our community. If you are a project or want to suggest a project to Cardax, please contact us on our discord.


VyFinance is building an AMM on Cardano. VyFinance is integrating an auto-harvester as a top layer into their eco-system. This allows for easy onboarding of new users to defi and automating complex processes on their behalf. The Auto-Harvester will be using a proprietary Neural Net AI to manage the risks involved and optimize farms on behalf of our users. Holders of Vyfi token will have the ability to earn passive income – generated from both the AMM and the Auto-Harvester. 


Cardax is an exciting DEX emerging on the Cardano eco-system, which strives to be a CNT powerhouse, focusing on deep liquidity and a simple interface. Cardax endeavours to rise to the challenges of illiquid AMMs by employing a first to market Extended Automated Market Maker (EAMM). In practice, this means anyone can become a market maker, either by starting a liquidity pool or by participating in one that already exists. The EAMM is designed to address the barriers of entry that exist in current AMM protocols and ensure a fair and uncomplicated experience for users.


Cardax Partnerships & Business Development Manager

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