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Cardax Newsletter 02/05/22

Paul FulbrookPaul Fulbrook

Good Morning Loyal Cardaxians,

After a hugely busy week preparing the End-to-End demo last week, things haven’t slowed down, in fact, if anything, things are speeding up more.

So what have we been doing and what next? Let’s find out.

Cardax News.

Project Catalyst Proposal. Why are we asking for more?

In our update video last week, Ryan mentioned our most recent project catalyst proposal. There were several enquiries into why, after already winning grants from project catalyst twice before, we are asking for more. 

A very valid question, so let’s address it now.

CardaxDEX is the first DEX to be written completely in the new, more efficient language, Plutarch. We expect many more subsequent projects to use Plutarch once we have shown just how much it improves the user experience.

The proposal itself is to extend the remit of our code audit by Tweag, the funds, if won, would be used to help put together a framework for all future audits of projects using Plutarch.

Having a standard Plutarch audit framework will help avoid things being missed on all future audits.

I hope this clears up the question for you. If you have any further questions please put them in the AMA section of our Discord.

Audit Update

The Audit is still running smoothly, with no major issues found.

There isn’t much more we can tell you because the very nature of the audit process requires us to leave them to it, any involvement from us would negate the independent nature of it (and slow the whole process down).

As always, we will report any news as we receive it.

Marketing Update

The second phase of our targeted marketing campaign is in full swing and we will have the results by the end of this coming week. 

As we said in the last newsletter, this campaign is focused on directing users to our lottery/quiz. 

If this is as successful as the first phase (which we are in no doubt that it will be), we will have started opening the door to a vast amount of new users, both to CardaxDEX and the Cardano ecosystem as a whole.

Have you taken part in the lottery yet? If not, why not? 10k CDX tokens is a juicy first prize!

10,000 Free CDX Tokens?

CardaxDEX Lottery/Quiz

The lottery and Quiz are still up and running.

Have you entered yet?

The first part consists of performing a few different tasks, for which you gain multiple entries. The second part is a quiz based on things you can find out on our website.

The reason for this two-stage process is to enhance the gamification and learning potential of the competition. Our goal, as always is to provide learning opportunities (as well as a kick-ass DEX of course!)

If you haven’t entered, click here to enter.

There will be five winners:

End to End DEX Demo Questions

For those of you who haven’t seen our end-to-end demo yet, I’ll pop it below.

However, there were some questions posed by our community. Mainly along the lines of “If you have an end-to-end, working demo, why haven’t you got the public test net up yet?

The reason for this is, while it was end-to-end, it only featured one element of the DEX, there are multiple other parts to connect together and this is what we are working on furiously now.

What are we working on this week?

This coming week, we will be working on connecting all remaining parts of the DEX back and front ends. We have multiple teams, all working in parallel on the different parts and the test net.

Speaking of test net, we will be in a position to give you a date by the end of this week so keep an eye on our social channels.

I promise we are very close.

Stay tuned folks, things are happening very fast now! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Speak soon,

Paul and the Cardax Team

Paul is a writer and crypto investor. As an ex-science teacher, he is able to take tricky, conceptual topics and explain them very clearly; perfect for bringing crypto to the masses. He also runs a lot and is the lord of all cats!

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