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Cardax Newsletter: 09/05/22

Paul FulbrookPaul Fulbrook

Good Morning Loyal Followers,

Another busy week has passed in Cardax HQ, lots of behind the scenes things going on, let’s find out just what the team have been getting up to.

Cardax News.

White Paper v2.0 Published

Last week we published version 2 of the CardaxDEX white paper. In it, we give a much more in-depth (than the v1 white paper) look at Streaming Merge and our v1 DEX offer. 

I urge you to all have a read. You can find it here 

Audit Update

The Audit is still running smoothly, with no major issues found. However, Tweag has asked for an extra week to complete our external audit to compensate for the complexity of them learning Plutarch and creating their plan of attack.

They have told us that they will have completed the audit by May 28th. Our public test net will follow very soon after this (depending on anything we have to sort out following the audit).

As I said last week, there isn’t much more we can tell you because the very nature of the audit process requires us to leave them to it, any involvement from us would negate the independent nature of it (and slow the whole process down).

As always, we will report any news as we receive it.

Re-Prioritising for Efficiency

We, like you, are growing frustrated with delays. So, in order to compensate for this, we have agreed with MLabs on a strategy to help speed things up. 

They have brought two more people on to the Cardax build team and we will be focussing more on the public test net in order to get this vital stage launched.

We are 100% committed to getting the public test net launched as soon as humanly possible.

Did you win the 10k CDX Grand Prize?

CardaxDEX Lottery/Quiz

The lottery and Quiz have ended.

Did you enter?

We will be announcing the grand first prize winner and the 4 runners up prize winners imminently. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord to find out if it was you!

There will be five winners:

Cardax Academy

We have been receiving some very positive feedback on the educational articles found in the academy section of our website. We will be adding at least two new articles to the academy every week. 

Have you read any? Did you find them useful? 

If you haven’t read any yet, have a look at the two recent articles below.

Stay tuned folks, things are happening very fast now! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Speak soon,

Paul and the Cardax Team

Paul is a writer and crypto investor. As an ex-science teacher, he is able to take tricky, conceptual topics and explain them very clearly; perfect for bringing crypto to the masses. He also runs a lot and is the lord of all cats!

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