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Cardax Newsletter. 18/04/22

Paul FulbrookPaul Fulbrook

Good Morning Friends,

Stick with me till the end of this email, I have a surprise for you.

Cardax News.

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you to you, the members of our community for your understanding as to our reasons for delaying the launch of our test net (and possibly our main net).

Whilst we know how frustrating this is, we remain certain that spending the extra time to make sure we launch the most secure and user-friendly version of the Cardax DEX as possible.

Your asset’s security is our highest priority.


Both Tweag and Well-Typed have been progressing well with the internal and external audits. However, in order to make the audits as unbiased as possible, we do not have access to their findings to date.

We are meeting with both teams this week to discuss their progress. Any updates we get, we will keep you appraised.

DEX Demo

In case you missed it, last week, we published the first command-line demo of our fully operational smart contracts (which are now live on our private test net). If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry, I’ve popped it below!

This week we will be working on the next development milestone, which will culminate in a second live demo. 

This second demo will probably take the form of a second, but a more advanced command-line demo. However, there is a chance that this demo will also include the front end.

If we cannot get both parts linked in time for this week’s demo, the next demo will be a full demo, as previously planned.

Cardax Podcast. Revuto Episode

I recently had the opportunity to interview Vedran Vukman, the CEO at Revuto. It was a very enjoyable and interesting conversation, I hope you think so too.

Do you want 10,000 CDX Tokens?

We will be publishing a quiz later this week, those of you who complete the quiz and get all questions correct will be entered into a lottery. There will be five winners:

The quiz will be based on the Cardax DEX and the Cardano ecosystem. Keep an eye on our Discord and Twitter for more details!

I hope you all have a magnificent week.

Speak soon,

Paul and the Cardax Team

Paul is a writer and crypto investor. As an ex-science teacher, he is able to take tricky, conceptual topics and explain them very clearly; perfect for bringing crypto to the masses. He also runs a lot and is the lord of all cats!

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