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Cardax Newsletter 23/05/22

Paul FulbrookPaul Fulbrook

Good Morning Friends,

If last week had a name, it would be called “bug bustin'”, and boy did we bug bust!!

This week we will be as busy, if not busier. 

Lots of progress made, and lot’s more to make but the to-do list is getting shorter!

Cardax News.

As we mentioned last week, we had been working on a crucial bug that was causing problems when a user’s actions interact with the Cardano transaction library. This has now been rectified.

Audit Update

During this coming week, our external audit will be completed. As we have previously mentioned, Tweag has been giving us weekly updates to allow us to fix bugs and issues that they have found. 

This, they have done to enable us to fix things on the go, so, once we get their final recommendations, we hopefully won’t have too much to do.

As always, we will report any feedback we get from them.

Development Update

This week we will be focusing all teams on finalising the integration of the smart contracts with the front end. Once this is completed, we will start testing internally, following this we will be able to bring you the PUBLIC TESTNET!

Whilst we can’t give you a firm date, we can promise you that it will not be too long. 

We are working furiously to bring you the testnet as soon as humanly possible.

We are so very close, can you taste it?

For the full tech update, click here.

Cardax Academy

Have you read our latest articles on the Cardax Academy?

Did you find them useful? 

If you haven’t read any yet, have a look at two recent articles below.

Stay tuned folks.

I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Speak soon,

Paul and the Cardax Team

Paul is a writer and crypto investor. As an ex-science teacher, he is able to take tricky, conceptual topics and explain them very clearly; perfect for bringing crypto to the masses. He also runs a lot and is the lord of all cats!

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