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Cardax starts collaboration with top Haskell consultancy company, Well-Typed

Ryan MorrisonRyan Morrison

Today, I have some amazing news to share with our community. This is not one of those partnership announcements used for marketing, no. This is big and relevant.

Cardax has reached an agreement with the top Haskell consultancy firm, Well-Typed. They will join us to work together on the implementation of our DEX. With this we should be able to accelerate the development to be ready to go live later this year.

Our team is very excited to be able to work together with Duncan Coutts and his team. He has been a very active contributor to the development of Cardano since the beginning of the project. To give you an idea of how important he is: he is the Head of Engineering for the Cardano project. His company, Well-Typed, continues to work with IOG on the development of Cardano.

I remember I used to watch his video lectures to learn about the latest tech development and to understand how things work on Cardano and now we are working together on Cardax!

This collaboration raises the bar for our team and puts Cardax at the very top in the Cardano ecosystem.

So, where are we now? This Monday, we did a kick-off meeting (remotely) to align and discuss the best ways to apporach the next phase in the development of the Cardax platform. Right after, their experienced Haskell developers got access to our technical documentation in order to do an initial assessment.

After that, we will take their feedback into consideration and will start implementing it together into Haskell and Plutus code.

This is a huge step that gets us much closer to what we have promised to our community, to become The best DEX on Cardano.

Founder & CEO at Cardax

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    This is a fantastic development for the Cardax project. As Duncan says in the included video, the quality and reliability of the underlying software upon which a system runs is critical to its success. Very Exciting to have this quality of focus on the project! Well done team, keep it going. Cheers