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CARDAX to list Empowa


We are delighted to announce that Empowa, the first RealFi (DeFi) property platform on Cardano that combines emerging technology, sustainable building and decentralized financial inclusion, will list on our DEX. 

By providing decentralized financing, Empowa unlocks the potential of the under-served African mortgage market, bringing affordable and greener homes for more Africans. The Empowa project received funding during Fund 5 of Project Catalyst. Since then, they have successfully sold out the Empowa Founding Community NFTs, launched the ISPO and constructed the first lease-to-buy, eco-friendly affordable homes in Mozambique. 

Empowa’s native token EMP serves as a common unit of value in the Empowa eco-system and supports the platform’s development, creating prosperity through property. More about the EMP token in this explainer video. Cardax will host the liquidity pool EMP/ADA. 

We are excited for the upcoming listing of Empowa and for being part of the mission for revolutionizing Africa’s housing market. Cardax eco-system is in the making. If you are a project or want to suggest a project to Cardax, contact us here


Cardax is an exciting DEX emerging on the Cardano eco-system, which strives to be a Cardano Native Token powerhouse, focusing on deep liquidity and a simple interface. Cardax endeavours to rise to the challenges of illiquid AMMs by employing a first to market Extended Automated Market Maker (EAMM). In practice, this means anyone can become a market maker, either by starting a liquidity pool or participating in one already existing. The EAMM is designed to address the barriers of entry that exist in current AMM protocols and ensure a fair and uncomplicated experience for users.


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