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Tech Update Week 10: First Plutarch Contract and Infrastructure


The highlight of this week is our first working smart contract in Plutarch (second smart contract is almost done). Nevertheless, all our other work is no less important. To keep it to the point in these work-heavy weeks (before the audit and especially before mainnet):

Our GitHub activity is not as active as it used to be during the past weeks. Mainly because this week was a combination of heavy lifting work (first Plutarch contract; one single PR with a lot of commits) and off-GitHub discussions (infrastructure, design, spec discussions).

Since there are not so many new questions in our #ama channel onĀ Discord, we will probably release in the upcoming week answers to the so far collected questions. If you have an important one, please do not hesitate and ask in the #ask channel on Discord.


Haskell & Plutus Developer at Cardax

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