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Tech Update Week 11: Preparing for Audit and Browser-Bridge


During this week we are still heavily focused on the audit which will start on the 28th of March with Tweag.
So far, all signals are still green for the audit date. This means that the work done this week was heavily focused on improving the spec so that the auditors will have a very founded entry and understanding before they continue to audit the on-chain code.
And since the on-chain code is the second important part of the audit, also the work on rewriting the already existing PlutusTx validators (essentially a better name for smart contract) in Plutarch was another big task.

Additionally, we created a PureScript bridge: This should allow us to transfer our off- and on-chain code easily from Haskell over to the browser. PureScript is a language which compiles to JavaScript and therefore allows an easy integration and interaction within the browser, from our WebApp.

Despite the desire to remove all central infrastructure, we will need to host some services in order to use all available and all self-built tools for our WebApp. Examples of these services are e.g. a Cardano Node, a service for optimized queries to the blockchain, etc. . This is also something which is required for speeding up testing since all these services should be configurable to either use a private testnet, the testnet or the mainnet. We managed to get an initial setup on AWS done and will continue during the next week on automating and improving the process.

All this big steps can be seen in the huge amount of merged Pull Requests in our GitHub statistics. Also, the quite impressive amount of additions tells the story of a very productive week.


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