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Tech Update Week 12: Detours


This week, we had some unexpected detours to take: The rewriting of the PlutuxTx validators to Plutarch was progressing slower than expected. Nevertheless, the heavy lifting of the biggest and most important validator, the PoolListValidator is almost done.

We faced also some struggles with plutip, our integration test tool. But also here we are back on track.

Setting up our infrastructure for running the Cardax DEX dApp on a private testnet, but also on the public testnet and on mainnet, moved forward. But we could not finish the goal of having all 8 (!; as of now) services configured and up and running in order to integrate our in-browser version of the dApp (done with Cardano Browser Tx lib). These required services include a Cardano blockchain node as relay, DB Sync, Ogmios, etc.. All these services are not only required to make the Cardano DEX dApp work, but they are also required to provide a proper user experience.

The audit is supposed to start on Monday. With the delays we faced this week, our original agenda on how the audit will be performed, will need to be altered a little bit. For this we will have a call on Monday with our auditor Tweag and MLabs.

Here are our GitHub statistics. A lot of progress was made, despite the mentioned detours.


Haskell & Plutus Developer at Cardax

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