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Tech Update Week 13: Everything is in Plutarch


Due to a heavy effort, now every smart contract (validator) is now written in Plutarch. This is a big milestone which makes us outstanding: Cardax DEX will be the first all-in-Plutarch dApp on Cardano (the long awaited metrics about expected performance are around the corner).

As described last week, we changed the agenda for the audit a bit: We will have an extended ramp up phase, before the auditing of our validators will start. In order to make the validators solid and also prepare them for the audit, Well-Typed will join in challenging our code.
This essentially means that now 4 teams are putting a lot of effort in making the on-chain code as robust as possible (MLabs, Well-Typed, Cardax team and Tweag).

Along this road, we have continued to work on our deployment and infrastructure setup. As well as integrating the front-end with the JavaScript library generated from our off-chain code.
We are looking forward to having a UI integrated demo in the next two weeks. Along with the promised test net launch.

Our GitHub statistics do not tell the whole story: For example, the big all-to-Plutarch Pull Request (PR) is not yet merged. Nevertheless, they show high activity.


Haskell & Plutus Developer at Cardax

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