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Tech Update Week 14: Audit Code Freeze & Demos


So we are there: On Monday the code will freeze and then, after a two-week audit preparation phase of Tweag, the auditing of our Plutarch on-chain code will start. These are exiting news, since that means the on-chain functionality, the most crucial code, is finished.
Beside the findings which our auditor Tweag, our internal auditor Well-Typed as well as our development team, MLabs and Cardax, will find.

For the demo we hoped to get a UI-integrated demo done, but even though all single parts for this story moved forwards (on-chain, off-chain, front-end, infrastructure), we are not ready for the demo. So instead of this, we will show-case the DEX in a command-line and show what is usually hidden by a UI: The off- and on-chain code executed directly.
Stay tuned for this.

Since the integration is not ready, this also means, that we are not ready for the testnet next week. Personally, it feels like every task which is required for the final mainnet launch got heavier in the past weeks; means that it takes a lot of extra effort to push the whole dApp over the finish line.

We are also collecting some more questions for the next Community (Technical) Questions which will be published next week. Until then, you can read the first one here. So, if you have any urgent questions, head over Discord and ask in the #ama channel. 

Here are our GitHub statistics for the on- and off-chain repo.


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