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Tech Update Week 15: Contracts on Private Testnet


Let’s start this weekly update with a non-technical achievement; on top of this, the achievement was not even done by us but by you, our community. Due to having to realize our delay on the testnet (and probably also mainnet) and also our raising (own) frustration, you honestly made our week by speaking out loud in our Discord and supporting us and the Cardax DEX project. Thanks a lot for this!

Despite the road is still very bumpy, we made good progress to integrate the frontend and our smart contracts via the Cardano Transaction Lib (CTL; former BrowserTx). On a private testnet, started via plutip, we were able to run our contracts via the CTL. On top of this, we initialized the Cardax DEX dApp on the public testnet; via Bot Plutus Interface (BPI), which means that it was done from the command line. Next stop is the registerUser transaction on the public testnet. The frontend team is about to set up the tooling to integrate the generated CTL bundle. It’s all about connecting the dots, finally.
So, we will most surely have a demo ready next week for the registerUser transaction. Probably still in the command line, but maybe also with the frontend.

Here are our GitHub statistics. They do represent very good progress, but they apparently do not show all the obstacles and issues which wait around every corner and which are addressed on the spot.

In case you missed the first CLI demo of our smart contracts, you can watch it here:


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