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Tech Update Week 16: End-to-End Demo


This week we crossed the last mile, it felt like a thousand miles: Our front-end is connected over the Cardano Transaction Lib, over a web of zillion of required services (each requiring it’s own time and effort to integrate it into the “web”), over our smart contracts/validators, over the Cardano blockchain into a user wallet.
We shot the promised demo which shows the registration of the user (wallet) for the Cardax DEX and we will publish it during the course of the weekend.

Let’s take some seconds to inhale deeply and celebrate this milestone.

Our team worked hard in this short, Easter week, in order to make this happen. Now every single dot is connected, all parts are initially integrated. Now, step by step, the remaining features will be integrated to the front-end.

Beside this: We got an initial feedback from our auditor, Tweag, with some minor issues which we addressed immediately. And our GitHub statistics are looking familiar, the progress is still very good – despite the short week.

In case you missed it, we published the Community Technical Questions #002, the second aggregation of collected questions from our community. If you have more questions, head over to our Discord and ask in #ama.


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