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Tech Update Week 17: Refactorings and Stabilizing


After the sprint for the end-to-end demo, last week, we were heavily focused on stabilizing the achievements and cleaning up this week: Due to the push to really finish the end-to-end demo, some parts of the chain needed some cleaning (“refactorings” in developer slang) in order to be a solid bases for the next features.
On top of this, we improved our benchmarking and testing frameworks (Well-Typed) this week. This is required to optimize our code not with a blindfold, but with a pretty clear understanding where bottlenecks are and where improvements can be made.

Especially, the improvement of the integration of the Cardano Transaction Lib (CTL) is key to the overall user experience (and therefore success). So we worked on the CTL itself, the bridging towards our (native) off-chain code and the integration of the CTL with the webapp. This will also be the focus of next week – and will probably allow us to steadily link all the features of the DEX together.

This week, we also include the GitHub statistics for our deployment repo. So first the statistics for our main repo:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-4.png

And here are the statistics for the repo which holds all the deployment code. This repo does not only contain the environment for the public testnet, but also for local developer environment.


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