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Tech Update Week 18: Re-prioritize, Detailed Final Steps


This week we laid out the remaining tasks before testnet and mainnet launch in great detail: We added explicit dependencies, estimated and re-prioritised each task. This is due to have now a highly precise understanding when we have delays on tasks. Up to know it was quite hard for us to make these estimations accurately since almost all tasks involved “known unknowns” (i.e. first usages/developments) are not really estimable.
Along these plannings, we identified parallelizable tasks and assigned the best people to these tasks (MLabs). E.g. to further optimize our on-chain Plutarch code, we are in the lucky position to be able to onboard the Plutarch inventor (since he works for MLabs).

The frontend team is restructuring the codebase for the adaptions required because of our Streaming Merge protocol. The planning now also includes a close, interlocked progressing of Off-chain code and front-end code. The expectations are to be able to show the progress in a lot more regular demo videos.

Regarding the progress, here are our GitHub statistics. The extra effort which went into the planning can be seen; i.e. during this time the work on the code was reduced – in terms of closed pull requests (PRs), not in terms of addtions and deletions.
The second statistics show the deployment repo, where smaller PRs were merged.


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