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Tech Update Week 20: Unblocking Blockers for Public Testnet


Last week was all about getting the mentioned blockers out of the way: Especially we could, with the help of the CTL team, resolve the budget bug now probably, finally (read more about it in the last update, see the links at the bottom).
We made some good progress on the PureScript bridge (converting off-chain Plutus models to CTL models), the logistic bot, fixed another nasty bug in slot time and improved on-chain script size by using Transaction Token Pattern. The big advantage of this pattern is, that instead of every single UTXOs are validated, a whole transaction is validated once.

Next week we are focusing on testing the whole setup while integrating with the front-end. Making big steps towards public testnet.

Here are our GitHub statistics. Less active than the months before. This is because we were spending time investigating the blockers. And because we are moving to a testing and stabilizing phase.



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