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Tech Update Week 21: From Bug to Bug, Audit and dApp Certification


Again, a week with bug hunting and removing blockers: Every piece of code is in place. All services are set up. All is about testing and stabilizing.
Essentially, many libraries and services on which we depend, still have some buggy (corner) cases which we run into – and which we need to fix; some are fixed within hours, some take days to even discover.

Since most of our dependencies are as young as our DEX, we needed to expect some issues; but right now it feels like we are hunting from bug to bug. In order to accelerate the debugging, MLabs has reserved exclusive resources of the teams working on these dependencies (e.g. from the Cardano Transaction Library and Plutip team).

Nevertheless, there actually are already contracts of the DEX successfully running on the testnet! There is a bot capable of merging and executing orders. But these are not all possible actions and also not enough to provide a user experience.

Furthermore, the audit will end this week. So far, we could address all issues raised by Tweag and extend our test suite. Since our contracts needed to evolve after the audit freeze, the Well-Typed team has during the past weeks already added contract models testing to our code (see [Contract Models]). In the upcoming weeks, we plan to extend these. All with the aim of fulfilling the upcoming Cardano/IOG dApp certification. Which would, for example, demand from the dApp to provide a NoLockedFundsProof via the Contract Model (see [No Funds Locked Proof]).

Here are our GitHub statistics. They show not high coding performance, but rather the picture of finding the bugs.


[Contract Models]

[No Funds Locked Proof]


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