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Tech Update Week 22: Fixes & AMAs


This week, Cardano Transaction Lib (CTL) was in the focus. The contracts which already work with the PlutusTx off-chain code must now also work with the quite young and therefore beyond bug-free CTL lib. To get an understanding: The bugs are ranging from vanished API endpoints over failure in serialization within the Cardano Serializaton Lib (CSL) to improper handling of blockchain rollbacks.
We are right now testing the enterPool contract. Registering and deregistering as well as initializing pools is working so far with CTL.

This week, we also had an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA). Despite some setup issues, which was mostly about technical questions. Thanks to everybody who participated, was patient enough to spontaneously switch from Twitter Space to Discord and – finally – thanks to all who asked questions.
There will be another AMA next week held with Ben of MLabs in order to allow you to get answers first hand from the developer team. Please join us in the Twitter Space with MLabs.

Here are the GitHub statistics for this week. The PRs are rather small ones, since we are mostly really just fixing bugs while testing our contracts with CTL.


[Twitter Space with MLabs]


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