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Tech Update Week 23: CTL work, Audit Report and AMA


Last week we continued the work around our main dependency, the Cardano Transaction Library (CTL). I.e. the browser replacement for the Plutus Application Backend (PAB) which is a core puzzle piece for the DEX.

To put this into scope: The on-chain validators and off-chain contracts are already tested with plutip [Plutip Repo], but now we need to test our, for CTL rewritten, off-chain contracts (again), with the CTL. This means, we check if anything deviates from the expected and already tested behavior. Since our first contracts needed to fix some baby-issues of the CTL, we expect that the upcoming contracts should go a lot smoother.
Currently, our CTL off-chain contracts for app initialization, user registration, pool initialization and entering pool are tested and working. We are now focusing on the contract for appending actions to a pool (which include swapping as well as providing and withdraw liquidity to a pool). After this, we will address the remaining and bigger merge and execute contracts.

Beside our development on the DEX and CTL, we published our audit report from Tweag [Audit Report].
Moreover, Ben from MLabs, our dev team for the DEX, joined us on a Twitter Space AMA (Ask Me Anything) and answered a lot of technical question [AMA with MLabs].

Our GitHub statistics do not contain the effort put into the further development of the CTL.

So a lot more interesting are the GitHub statistics for the library we are focusing now, the CTL. Here is the progress during the course of the past month, which displays the high development work which flowed into this library. The CTL library is open source and you can inspect it here [CTL Repo].


[Plutip Repo]
[Audit Report]
[AMA with MLabs]
[CTL Repo]


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