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Tech Update Week 24: CTL, Last In-Browser Contract and Bot


This week we continued the work on the remaining, last, in-browser contract: The append-pool-action contract. Despite we are able to append actions to the user thread, we still need to check that all actions can be appended correctly. A still ongoing task is the improvement of the Cardano Transaction Library (CTL) while testing our contracts in the browser.
On top of this, plutus-chain-index, a tool used by our bot since it depends on the Plutus Application Backend (PAB) infrastructure, seems to perform unreasonable bad. Means: Manual SQL queries are fast, whereas the plutus-chain-index needs several minutes to complete its queries. This means that we need to probably also work on the plutus-chain-index in order to get a good performance for our bot.

Here are the GitHub statistics for the CTL and our own repository. In our own repo the progress seems to have been stopped. But essentially, we are fixing bug-by-bug as we testing out our in-browser, off-chain contracts with CTL.


Haskell & Plutus Developer at Cardax

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