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Tech Update Week 38: Design challenge preparations


The focus for this week was on reaching a stable state for our two approaches. This means, that we still have some design concepts left for finalizing in the next week(s). Nevertheless, we were already able to move beyond the design phase.

So we started to collect criteria for the approaches in order to be able to assess each approach and to be able to compare them against each other. These criteria included creating a set of possible attack vectors, which need to be addressed. The final challenge of the approaches is scheduled for next week.

Last, we started to implement some essential parts, common to both approaches. By doing so, some technical questions regarding the Plutus Application Backend (PAB; an essential part which is not yet released) and the on-chain validation implementation arose which we are now clarifying with IOG.

We wish you all a happy Cardano Summit weekend!


Haskell & Plutus Developer at Cardax

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