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Tech Update Week 40: Design Decision and Prototyping


Already at the beginning of this week, we decided upon the design for the DEX. So during the week, we collected feedback from the whole team on the design.

This also created a deep understanding of the design within the whole team, which is essential for building a good product.

With a decision regarding which approach, we can now focus fully on solving the small but not yet fully specified parts of the design. Some of them are technical, others are not: Like how to best incentivize the Liquidity Providers needs to be decided with the big picture in mind.

On top of that, we have polished our current version of the web app in order to be ready for moving fast whenever either user wallets can be integrated or our backend for the smart contract offers the API.

Next up, we will verify our idea as a prototype in a simulation. As well as performing some tests on when we will hit the limits of the blockchain.


Haskell & Plutus Developer at Cardax

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