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Tech Update Week 43: Pure Model Continued


This week was all about continuing the work on the pure model. This includes improving the pure model implementation and defining and implementing further properties (for testing). We also started to implement the DEX-specific instantiation of the abstract pattern we were working on so far. This will also be our focus for the next week.

Besides this, the web app is getting into shape and will be ready for some serious, blockchain-related integration in the upcoming weeks. In general, there are two main topics for the web app: First to connect to a user wallet, and second to interact with the (still not yet released) Plutus-Application-Backend (PAB).
The recent mid-month update explains, what the PAB is and why it is such an important part of any dApp – even though it is not required to deploy and operate a dApp; starting from the linked video position.

For the next week, we will continue the already started work. By the end of next week, we will also start with the formal specification of our contracts.


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