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Tech Update Week 47: Start of Plutus Code


The focus of this week was in working towards moving the pure model and the formal spec closer. The meeting point of the two essentially is Plutus code. For the spec team, it is important to verify the feasibility (practically) of the formal model. For the pure model team to introduce the complexity of the blockchain.

We are planning to show some parts of the expected web app next week. So this is the beginning of a planned series to demonstrate our product: To become more concrete and, especially, to show what we are creating.
We are proud and very impatient to show more of our product, and especially to take you closer with us on the journey.

Notes and References:

Formal specification: The formal specification is a version of our solution that describes every single part in a more mathematical and, especially, in an unambiguous way. This specification is the single source of truth and enables us to analyze our approach.
Pure Model: The pure model is a version of our solution that does, intentionally, ignore the complexity introduced by the blockchain or any other external context. It focuses only on the implementation of the idea itself.

Both combined gives a lot of advantages and a lot of confidence, i.e. that we are building the right thing in the right way.
More information can be gained during the journey of our weekly tech reports, especially in week 42: Tech Update Week 42: Improving Pure Model.


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