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Tech Update Week 48: Scaling Plutus Dev Team


As mentioned last week, writing (a lot of) Plutus and Haskell code will be the main focus for the next weeks. This is because our pure model together with the formal spec describes precisely how the Plutus code must behave. In order to speed up the development, we were on-boarding the very experienced Haskell, Plutus and Blockchain team of MLabs for writing the Plutus and Haskell code.

This will also enable us to parallelize the progress even more: Well-Typed will remain focused on the formal spec, which progressed during the week and gets into defining the details, and the internal team on the pure model.
And, even more important, we will profit from the experience and knowledge of different teams.

The (promised) videos for demonstrating the web app are created and will be shared with you during the beginning of the next week. Have a look at our Twitter account.

We have also started to write the article describing our approach in detail. We plan to release it mid of December. With it, we will finally disclose our approach.

Some exciting weeks are ahead of us. Thanks for being patient, and thanks for being with us all along.

Notes and References:

Twitter account:

Formal specification: The formal specification is a version of our solution that describes every single part in a more mathematical and, especially, in an unambiguous way. This specification is the single source of truth and enables us to analyze our approach.
Pure Model: The pure model is a version of our solution that does, intentionally, ignore the complexity introduced by the blockchain or any other external context. It focuses only on the implementation of the idea itself.

Both combined gives a lot of advantages and a lot of confidence, i.e. that we are building the right thing in the right way.
More information can be gained during the journey of our weekly tech reports, especially in week 42: Tech Update Week 42: Improving Pure Model.


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