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Tech Update Week 49: Preparing to Reveal our Approach


This was a week for wrapping up our approach and understanding, by going into details with the just on-boarded MLabs team. MLabs will take care of the Plutus and Haskell code base.
And, even more important, we had finalized the article to explain our approach to you: On Monday, we will release an article that describes the essential pattern of our approach. Continue to keep an eye on our Twitter account.

With MLabs, we have another very experienced team that not only challenges our approach but also contributes with new solutions and ideas. So our confidence in our work strengthened even more. Our formal spec team has made very good progress and is planning to give a ready-to-implement formal spec for the smart contract team. This spec release will probably see some updates as we feedback information that we gained during the implementation.

We are happy that things come together and that we finally can show our work to you. We are very excited about Monday and your feedback.

Notes and References:

Twitter account:

Formal specification: The formal specification is a version of our solution that describes every single part in a more mathematical and, especially, in an unambiguous way. This specification is the single source of truth and enables us to analyze our approach.
Pure Model: The pure model is a version of our solution that does, intentionally, ignore the complexity introduced by the blockchain or any other external context. It focuses only on the implementation of the idea itself.

Both combined give a lot of advantages and a lot of confidence, i.e. that we are building the right thing in the right way.
More information can be gained during the journey of our weekly tech reports, especially in week 42: Tech Update Week 42: Improving Pure Model.


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