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Tech Update Week 5: Planning Until Mainnet


This week, next to implementing, we also took the time for some planning until the Mainnet launch. This included cleaning the issues in the repository and flashing out all the issues which we need to be closed before we can go live. Sorting them into two-week sprints gives us some milestones which we want (and must) reach.
Because we shifted our weekly from today to Monday, we hopefully can follow up with some details about this planning during the next week.

Regarding the implementation, we got the initial order placing code merged. As well as the registration of (new) pools. Also, many merged pull requests were improving the code base quality (refactorings, tests, improving developer experience).
The statistics for this week fully represent the planning which happened during the week in the issue numbers: 12 Closed issues and 45 means some housekeeping and ahead planning was done.

(Note: Because we were late for last week’s update, we have some overlap with the statistics of the Tech Update from week 4).

Since we, the developer team, are answering questions on discord since a few weeks now, it was overdue to collect some of them and make them consumable via a blog post.

If you have any technical question, please join us on Discord and ask the questions in the #ama channel.


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