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Tech Update Week 6: Integrations


While we are at connecting different parts of the project, a lot of integration work was done this week. For example, a lot of effort was put into getting Plutarch integrated in order to write Plutarch code the upcoming week.
On top of this, the internal front-end team and the MLabs blockchain team connected to figure out how to best integrate the two parts. And while we are already talking about the internal front-end team, Derek joined our front-end team. Welcome, Derek :).

Since the integration between the blockchain and the front-end part is key in order to provide a very good and smooth User Experience (UX), we probably also deviate here from the standard way on how it is suggested to be done by IOG (i.e. we will not use the Plutus Application Backend (PAB)). This will probably require us to do some extra work, but in the end it will result in a much better user experience.

The GitHub statistics for the last week support our great progress done this week in the blockchain repository.

If you have any technical question, please join us on Discord and ask the questions in the #ama channel. There are still some questions unanswered, but we will tackle them at the beginning of the next week, so please add more until then.


Haskell & Plutus Developer at Cardax

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