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Tech Update Week 7: Local Testnet and Merge Transaction


This is the week in the middle of our current sprint and so far, all stories are on time: A lot of work was put into making local testing and here especially setting up a local testnet for testing easy and fast. To be precise, we set up plutip. Since so far our testing was in the emulator, we are now ready to test in a realistic scenario, since the emulator does not have all the restrictions and requirements of a real blockchain (i.e. of a real testnet).

On top of this, also the implementation of the Streaming Merge is in the focus of this week. One of the biggest and most complex smart contracts, the merge of user actions, is progressing very well (on- and off-chain code). It’s also the most important smart contract, since this is where every action of every user thread comes together and is sequenced in a fair and deterministic way, according to the Streaming Merge protocol.
Moreover, we also worked on the required introduction of randomness during the merge process. For more details on these parts of the Streaming Merge algorithm (i.e. the merge transaction and the required randomness), please see our blog post and the Hashoshi interview in the references.

Here are the GitHub statistics. A little bit more quiet, but this can be explained by the big and quite important pull request which are worked on (and described above). When we can finish them in the upcoming week, this is a big, major milestone in the development of the Streaming Merge and so the Cardax DEX.

If you have any technical question, please join us on Discord and ask the questions in the #ama channel. There are still some questions unanswered, which I could not find the time to answer last week. So this will happen in the upcoming week.

Notes and References:

Hashoshi interview:
Streaming Merge:


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