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Tech Update Week 8: Full Round-trip


This week we reached a major milestone in the development of the Cardax DEX: We were able to complete the round-trip of a user.
I.e. the user can create a pool, register for the pool, submit an action, the action gets merged and, finally, all merged actions get executed.

For sure, we still have a lot of work left to make all pieces robust and feature complete. Nevertheless, we are now able to improve the parts since the full chain is connected.

If you have been reading the tech updates for longer, you will remember the Pure Model which we developed last year. As a reminder: The pure model is a version of our solution that does, intentionally, ignore the complexity introduced by the blockchain or any other external context. It focuses only on the implementation of the idea itself.
The Pure Model comes now into play: Our blockchain-aware smart contracts were tested against the Pure Model, and they hold up with the defined properties. This is a very good sign and certifies that our smart contract code is already working as expected. Nevertheless, we need to define and test some more properties for both models.

Moreover, our contracts can now really be executed on a local testnet via plutip. And we will start the rewrite of all, so far, in PlutusTx written Contracts next week.

Our progress is very well represented in the GitHub statistics for the last week. The statistics tells that the progress continues with the same high speed as the week before.

If you have any technical question, please join us on Discord and ask the questions in the #ama channel


Pure Model:


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