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Tech Update Week 9: Revisiting Spec and DEX actions


Since we have now a fixed start date for the audit, the 28th of March 2022, all our effort is targeting this date. As the spec is supposed to be the entry point for anybody getting into the Cardax DEX project, Well-Typed picked up the work to integrate all new design decisions of the last weeks.

Regarding the implementation, the DEX specific actions within the Streaming Merge algorithm are worked on during the week. We are also probably finally getting to a point to have real evidence of the (unoptimized) performance of the Streaming Merge. I.e. with the yet unoptimized implementation, how many users can interact with the Cardax DEX in parallel, what are reasonable cycle lengths (these correlates to the waiting time until the tokens can be claimed/are received) etc. . With this knowledge, we have a solid foundation and know which of the already designed optimizations are required and which not.

Nevertheless, one already often mentioned and decided big optimization is the choice of Plutarch over PlutusTx. This week was the kick-off to rewrite the first validator/smart contract with Plutarch. This will give, again, evidence of what Plutarch can do regarding the performance of Cardax DEX. Maybe we get some statistics in the upcoming weeks.

Less important regarding the audit (since the auditors will only audit the smart contracts, i.e. the on-chain code) but nevertheless very important for the users is the integration of the Cardano Browser Tx library. This is supposed to replace the Plutus Application Backend (PAB). We try to free up some dev resources at our internal Cardax Team to move forward this project and, along with this, improve our Cardax DEX user experience.

Our GitHub statistics show the unstoppable progress which our team makes.

Despite we had to delay our release once more, we are now pretty sure, that we can hold the date. We tried our best in the past to give estimations, but developing in the Cardano system is, compared to blockchains or compared to software engineering in general, quite bumpy: Tools are not in a desired mature state or do not exist at all. Frameworks which were relied on are not delivered on time and need to be replaced. Etc. etc. .

So, thanks again for all your patience. This is the last mile, and hopefully you will walk it with us 🙂 .


Haskell & Plutus Developer at Cardax

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